Top 6 Kitchen Gadgets

Top 6 Kitchen Gadgets

I will admit I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And while I am no chef, I do prefer to prepare my feels from scratch if at all possible. Shortcuts are great to have in hand, for those times when I’m in a rush but for the most part I like to take my times and do things nice and slow. These are my all-time favourite kitchen gadgets that help me out greatly when I’m getting down in the kitchen.

1. Ninja Master Prep

The Ninja has been around for awhile but has really gained popularity in the past 3-4 years. I love that it’s a blender and food processor type device in one. I use it a lot for puréed, sauces, soups, it takes that extra step of getting everything finely chopped. The only complaint I have is that sometimes I wish the container itself were flatter and wider like a normal food processor.

2. Santoku knife

This is one of the sharpest knives I’ve ever used. Many moons ago I used to volunteer as a chef’s assistant at a local cooking school, and knife skills was one of the pre-requisites. The number one lesson I learned there were that every knife has a use, and most importantly a sharp knife is imperative. Santoku knives are Mortal Kombat sharp. They’re good for slicing and dicing, as well as cutting through meats. In the past I’ve used this to cut up chicken and it cuts through the bones like butter.

*Did I ever tell y’all bout the time I cut my finger damn near clear to the bone using one of these? Oh I didn’t? Let’s leave that for another day then.

3. Colored Knife Set

My second favourite set of knives is this set. The first and second time I bought them I got them from IKEA but they’re no longer available, these are a great substitute.  They’re pretty inexpensive and I like that they are color coded. I use the bigger ones exclusively for vegetables and non-meat/seafood food prep. When I cook for family and friends, many are vegetarian or vegan so although I don’t have to accommodate them, I do try my best to by using separate knives, cutting boards and/or pots.

4. Onion Goggles

Unless I’m wearing my contacts I always get the dreaded onion tears when I’m cutting up onions. I don’t know how it feels for others but it always slowly creeps up on me, starts to sting and burn, and I drop what I’m doing and run out of the kitchen in the most dramatic way ever, screaming at the top of my lungs because it feels like my eyes are on fire. So to avoid that…onion goggles! Because it’s one thing to do kitchen prep solo, but when you have a dinner party or just a few friends over…people are quick to judge.

5. Flexible Cutting Boards

I love these things! I scored a beautiful bamboo cutting board a while back but I usually use these flexible cutting boards. They are easy to clean and maintain, not to mention they come in different colors, so you can use one for meats, another for vegetables or seafood, and another for fruit.

6. Calderon

If you’ve grown up in a West Indian household then you already know what time it is when this pot comes out. It is can be used for a variety of dishes. A majority of the time I use it for rice dishes, usually arroz con gandules (rice and beans, arroz con pollo (rice and chicken), fried rice, season rice. Yes! I love rice, I’m West Indian it’s in my blood! I also use these pots for the occasional curry chicken or other type meat stew and sometimes in place of a deep fryer. They come in s variety of sizes which is pretty awesome as well.

These are my top 5 kitchen gadgets that save me a lot of time, headache and tears when I’m in the kitchen. Do you have any kitchen gadgets that you can’t just do without in your kitchen?


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