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My Favorite Quote- Blog Challenge Day 3

I love quotes. Over the years I have bookmarked tons of quotes. But one for me has reigned supreme above all others.  I first heard it in my sophomore or junior year old high school during my V.I.History class. My teacher, Ms.Fernella Campbell would always go off on these tangents diverting from the lesson plan and scolding us about not living up to our full potential or making poor choices. She was always trying to drop life lessons on us, quoting long passages from the bible and verses from Shakespeare. One day in class, she went off on her usually rant about young people not doing what they should getting themselves in problems and then she said it’s best not to give into peer pressure and stay true to yourself. Then all of a sudden her voice bellowed throughout that drafty, dreary classroom in the 1000  wing as she said,  “To thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day,Thou canst not then be false to any man.” This made me perk up in my seat, ears twitching. ‘ say what now I asked her?’ she repeated it again and I wrote it down. And ever since that day way back when. It’s been my favourite quote.

How about you guys? Any quotes that you’ve loved over the years?

I decided to take on this blogger challenge that I found while scouring the ‘inta nets.  This blog challenge is courtesy of the lifestyle blog Live, Love, Simple. Join me on this bloggerific magic carpet ride!

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