It’s My Naturalversary!

Do you know what today is? It’s my anniversary, my anniversary. I couldn’t help myself. I love that song (it’s the 90s girl in me, what can I say?)


Three years ago on August 13, 2013 I finally big chopped after transitioning for over 16 months. The reason I finally decided to big chop was that I was in the process of getting a consultation to get a weave and the stylist requested photos of my hair and my hair line including the perimeter. Once I finally saw the pictures I realize that I had way more natural here then relaxed here basically my relaxed ends were about an inch to 2 inches long compared to the 4 inches of new growth that I had.




That’s when I decided it was best to just let it go let the ends go and finally start my second journey into the natural hair care movement.  I am not a big fan of short hair TWA’s do not work for me so I got my hair braided up my hair literally two days after I got the big chop done.
The big chop itself was exhilarating I finally felt free of having to fight with two different textures and I was excited about the upcoming in the new adventures of possibilities and things that I could do with my natural hair and I finally got to see the real textures throughout my hair. The journey so far has been an eye opening experience, educational and a ton fun.  Big Chop Mornings (1)


I’ve suffered some setbacks I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t work I’ve gone through product junkie phases and regimens that weren’t quite suited for me particularly. At this phase I found something that works for me and I’ve been sticking to my regimen thus far but I am excited for the future.


Au Natural Year 2-3


So without further ado I have to wish myself a happy third natural-versary. Here’s to many more years of juicy two strand twists, beautiful braid and twist outs and healthy hair care!


3 year anniversary

Are you natural? What prompted you to start your journey?



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