The Story Behind A.Hiroko- Blog Challenge Day 1

My Blog Name


My blog’s name is A.Hiroko. which is a play on a nickname I’ve had for years. When I was an poor, black college student and working in Atlanta I had a job that required me to wear a uniform.  Part of the uniform included a name tag and teal blazer. I worked at this place thru junior college and undergrad. I wasn’t a big fan of the job but it had its perks, by my last two years there I grew unsettled and ready to break free especially with the moronic management and idiotic rules they kept putting into play. So my faux-revolutionary self decided that I would quietly protest and ‘stick it to the man’ by not wearing my full uniform. Several friends and I were in solidarity with our protests. One refused to wear socks to work. Another would not shower or iron prior to coming into work (oddly enough she won the image award in our department several times). I started conveniently forgetting my blazer which had my name tag pinned to it, at home.


To be honest I often just left it in the trunk of my car. At first the powers that be granted me leniency, then they started getting on my case. There used to be a closet with spare Blazers and other employees blazers that they left in the office they wouldn’t forget them at home or they couldn’t be bothered to drag a piece of this janky ass job with them to the place they lay their head. I was instructed to wear one of those, when I forget my own, 4 silent eye rolls and suck teeth later I gave in. The turnover rate at this point was a bit high so there were more than enough to spare in that closet, some smelled horrible, with the funk of 40 years old who were bitter that life didn’t turn out their way and that they were making $9.50 working with twenty something’s ( don’t mind me I’m petty). Others had this weird stiffness to them, I don’t even KNOW what was on it, and to top it off none of them fit, they were either too big, too tight, or too short. That was until I found the perfect one, it fit me like a glove, like it was bespoke and crafted just for me! The arms weren’t too tight, the length was perfect and the fit made me look like a professional (take that with a grain of salt)! Not only did this jacket fit me amazingly well, it had a name tag! And the name tag read, you guessed it…Hiroko.


For the next two years I wore Hiroko’s blazer every time I came to work. When I first started wearing it I got strange stares and tons of questions about my name. I told people that my grandfather was stationed in Japan during the war, and had a friend who helped him out greatly so I was named in their honor. I also lied and said that I was born in Japan and my parents found it a fitting name. All lies. But that’s what happens when people try and get in your business! Over time I just became known as Hiroko. After I graduated from college I stayed at my job a few more months before moving on to bigger and better things. And I left Hiroko’s jacket behind. A dear friend and coworker who acknowledged me and my workplace fuckery continued to and still calls me Hiroko to this day. So the name became familiar. When I finally decided that I was going to start a blog I wanted something that sounded cool, but wasn’t so trendy that it would become dated in a few years. I also wanted a name that was a reflection of my personality and could grow with me and my brand over time. I wanted something unique and that would look pretty in print. So I thought about ‘Hiroko’. I knew it was a Japanese name but wasn’t sure of the meaning. When I did, I realised it was fate because I perfectly embodied the definition of the name, inquisitive and friendly, frank and direct. I decided to add my first initial from my first name, and just like that A.Hiroko was born.


I never met the real Hiroko who worked at my job. We worked on opposite shifts and never ran into each other. But I’m grateful for that slim fitting blazer and the name that has helped me launch my legacy.


Do you have a blog? How did you come up with your blog name? Let me know in the comments.

I decided to take on this blogger challenge that I found while scouring the ‘inta nets.  This blog challenge is courtesy of the lifestyle blog Live, Love, Simple. Join me on this bloggerific magic carpet ride!

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  1. Gigi
    February 21, 2017 / 1:39 pm

    I always wondered where that name came from. Now I know. 🙂

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