In Da A…


Getting around the A is not for the faint of heart. Traffic is endless, there’s a lot of street names that start with Peachtree and public transport while great for commuting to the city for work and big events, like Braves games, concerts, expos, etc.. It’s not so great to get around town if you live, work and play OTP (outside the perimeter).

It’s inconvenient at best. What would usually be a 25-30 minute ride from my neighbourhood to a local mall, takes about an hour or hour and a half  via public transport. So for the past year I’ve been relying on alternative modes of transport, namely Zipcar, and more recently Uber and Lyft.

I love Zipcar’s ride sharing concept of wheels when you want them. They are easy to find all around the metro area and come in handy when I’ve got errands to run across town and don’t want/feel to commute for hours just to get things done. You can reserve cars for hourly rentals if you just have a few quick errands to run or for the entire day. If I’m not mistaken the max you can rent for is 3-4 days. Which makes it great for  short weekend trips. In comparison to a regular car rental company the price may seem more expensive, but you should know that gas and insurance is included with your ride. Add to that the convenience of finding them all over the city,  on or near many college campuses and at the airport. It’s currently my preferred mode of transport. They keep a cool set of car choices available and tend to rotate them every couple of weeks. (*Update 11/2016- I still love zipping but I’ve noticed that their featuring their logos more prominently on their local fleet. I don’t mind too much when I’m running errands, but for a night on the town I don’t want to ride thru the city with their logo splashed across the hood, doors and rear end of the car.)

Zipcar has major points in my book and I’ve even had the opportunity cruise around Philly, Baltimore and Denver in them. So much so that I don’t think I’ll be purchasing another car anytime soon. The only con for me in regards to zipping all the time is that the nearest car is about 20 minutes away from me. I wish one was available closer to my neighborhood but who knows time will tell.

(*Update 11/2016- Vehicles have been added at a closer metro station to me but their never available when I want to book.)

I use Zipcar when I have tons of errands to run all over town. If I’m staying local to my area I use Uber, and more recently Lyft. I’ve used Uber in the past while traveling and after many a late night out partying. The drivers are cool for the most part, I had one try to hit on me but I think resting bitch face told him that I’m not the one for that nonsense. So far the female drivers I’ve had were my favourite, very nice, warm and talkative, but not overly intrusive or disruptive. They’ve got some good stories.

Today I took my first ride with Lyft and was very impressed as well and will probably be using them more in the future.

How do you get around your city? Have you ever used or considered using ridesharing? If you haven’t you’re in luck! Below you’ll find my referral codes so that you get your first ride free with Uber here, or if you rather just get a Lyft (pun intended), that’s cool too, click here. If you prefer to  drive instead you can find my Zipcar referral link here. You get $25 worth of credit when you sign up.

Take a ride, cruise around town and let me know what you think.


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