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What Are You Afraid Of? – Blog Challenge Day 6

Fear is described as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. We all as humans for the most part try to be fearless in our lives, not all the time. But when it counts the most we try to rise above the things that cause that unpleasant emotion in us to rise to the surface. When I think about what it is I’m most afraid of two things come to mind: failure and heights. Failure is a doozy, no one wants to fail but failing is part of life, it’s part of the process and I’ve come to look at failure not as a horrible thing but as a vehicle to get me to where I need to be. I do my best to learn from my mistakes and failures so that I can do better the next time and the time after that. I love the acronym for FEAR- Face Everything And Rise, I learned that’s the best way to approach failure. Instead of cowering in the corner and feeling bad for myself, just woman up and face the failure head, heed the lesson and keep it moving. Easier said than done right? But when you realize failure is just a part of the process that we call life then it becomes easier.

What are you afraid of-

The second biggest thing I am afraid of is heights, ever since I was a kid, I remember one summer being on the rooftop of my cousin’s apartment building in the Bronx and looking over the edge. I almost ‘tek een’. It was a bit much. Another time we went down the fire escape, now that I think back on it I have no idea why we just couldn’t use the elevator or take the stairs like normal people. Since then I’ve always been afraid of heights, but I like to fly, I love being in planes 30,000+ feet in the air and looking down at the world below. It’s awesome. I’m scared of heights but willing to jump out of an airplane. I’m scared of heights but time and time again I challenge myself to face that fear head on. Granted I do. And I wonder what the hell possessed me to walk across a suspension bridge  that was almost taller than the Statue of Liberty. FEAR. That’s what made me do it and I will keep challenging myself until I’m not afraid anymore

What are you afraid of? You know I want to know! Drop it in the comments below!


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