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 My Dream Job- Blog Challenge Day 4

Over the years I’ve had many jobs. Many, many jobs. I I’m the type of person who ALWAYS has a job. I worked throughout junior college and undergrad while holding down usually two jobs at a time. And I always did temp work for different events around Atlanta here and there. T.D.Jakes Megafest. Voting machine attendant during election years. Like I’ve said. I’ve had many jobs. Even after graduating and having a ‘real’ job I still had a supplemental part-time during the holiday months just because. I think I was addicted to work. In grad school I worked part-time as well and considered taking on yet another job but decided against it. Sometimes when you work so much you don’t get to enjoy life and I am a big believer in work/life balance.

Since I’ve had the good fortune to have worked almost everywhere it seems. I have clearer insight on the things I LIKE to do vs. the things I would do just because I’m getting paid to do it. I’ve come to terms that I HATE sales though I’m pretty decent at it. I don’t like that sleazy car salesman vibe. I always felt that that’s how I come across doing sales. Retail…I detest it but have done my fair share. Believe it or not I met some of the coolest people whilst doing retail, they share my disdain for customers who ask moronic questions and the managers who take their job just a bit too seriously, they are the Dwight Shrute of retail management. Office jobs come with their own set of issues but are cool nonetheless, most times, depending on the nature of the work you were hired to do.

My Dream Job

Over time my dream job has changed shape, when I was a little girl I wanted to be a computer ‘technologist’ and dancer. In high school I wanted to be the next Hype Williams and a history teacher. In junior college I still wanted to be Hype Williams. Undergrad was filled with dreams of me being a director/screenwriter. By sophmore year I got a PR internship at Universal Pictures and fell in love with Public Relations. I was convinced that I wanted to work in PR/Marketing in the fashion or entertainment industry or even do something communications based within the film industry. Maybe I could be a producer?!? I could be anything! After graduating life happened and like many other newly minted graduates I found a job not in my field, though I took on a few PR projects here and there I never fully pursued it again.  

A few months ago I posed the dream job question again to myself and wondered what it is my dream job is now. I decided that I wanted to make a comfortable living, working smarter not harder at something I was PASSIONATE about, that embodied all the things that I like to do and fully used my varied experience and skillset (does that not sound like an awesome objective to put on your resume?). I also wanted to be location independent and having the freedom and flexibility to travel as I saw fit. So what exactly is that then? Just last week I toyed with the idea of being a location scout but as quick as I had that thought, it was out of my head.  So what’s my dream job now? Well it’s still a work in progress, and that’s fine because it can be just that, anything I dream up and want it to be. I think it’s important to realize as we get older it’s okay for life plans to change and to decide the things that we used to want that they don’t suit us anymore.  I think my dream job has to be created and crafted just for me to wisely use all my talents and professional transferable skills. My experiences over the years has shown me what I don’t like, they’ve also shown me what I shine at and that’s imperative for finding my dream role.

What about you? What’s your dream job? Has it changed over the years?


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