Oh my dear sweet home. Being born and raised here on St.Croix I feel that I’ve been really blessed to soak up the natural beauty of my island. I can’t speak for others but being born in such a tiny place with such a huge back story and history is amazing to me. Whenever I feel down or just need inspiration, all I need to do is step out of my front door and take in the sights, smells and sounds of Twin City. I always say on a good day you can see everything but on a clear day you can see forever. And we have tons of clear days so when they come I love to take advantage of them,  that’s why I knew I had to take this opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the local sunshine and sights to see. I don’t care what you’ve heard there’s nothing like the Crucian sun, if you let it it will kiss you with the most golden glow.




Top: Primark Denim Shorts: Old Navy


Have you ever seen water so crystal clear and blue?



In honor of my Springtime glory I wrangled up the crew for a shoot on the west side of the island. But first let me give you a little history on one of the most beautiful places on earth, America’s Paradise, mi tierra, my home. St.Croix is the largest of the 4 islands that make up the U.S.Virgin Islands. About 90 miles south of Puerto Rico, St.Croix has at one point and time been under the rule of 7 different countries: England, France, Spain, Holland, the Knights of Malta, Denmark and most recently the United States. Marked by white sand beaches, warm people and an up and coming food scene, life on St.Croix is not without its charms and simple delights.


Goddess Twist Dress: Fashion 2 Figure



We drove North of town out to the Butler Bay ruins, many moons ago St.Croix was one of the top producing sugar cane plantations. And do you know what comes after sugar? RUM! St.Croix is also home to two rum distilleries, the age old Cruzan Rum and more recently Captain Morgan. So when you visit know that you’re in rum country and we take our spirits seriously.


Oh hey! Just hanging amongst the ruins…



Floral Kimono: Marianne’s               Dress: Forever21              Floral Headband: Claire’s



Butler’s Bay or Bottler’s Bay as it was originally listed according to Florence Lewishon’s St.Croix Under Seven Flags, was gifted to a new settler to encourage agriculture production in the Northwest area of the island. (Can you imagine being gifted an entire plantation? (Oh to melanin deficient in those times.) Back to story…the plantation and great house that were constructed on this property were very extravagant. Today the Great House has been restored to it’s former splendor and if i’m not mistake is available to purchase for a cool $1 million. The ruins  below still tell the story of a time long gone where sugar reigned supreme. I love coming here to shoot pictures or just on a long Sunday drive. It’s quite peaceful.


Do you have any warm weather historical haunts that you like to hang out at or visit often? Let me know in the comments!

Photo credit: Icy Moonlight Fotografie Makeup: Fierce Fusion by Jai

What Are You Afraid Of? – Blog Challenge Day 6

Fear is described as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. We all as humans for the most part try to be fearless in our lives, not all the time. But when it counts the most we try to rise above the things that cause that unpleasant emotion in us to rise to the surface. When I think about what it is I’m most afraid of two things come to mind: failure and heights. Failure is a doozy, no one wants to fail but failing is part of life, it’s part of the process and I’ve come to look at failure not as a horrible thing but as a vehicle to get me to where I need to be. I do my best to learn from my mistakes and failures so that I can do better the next time and the time after that. I love the acronym for FEAR- Face Everything And Rise, I learned that’s the best way to approach failure. Instead of cowering in the corner and feeling bad for myself, just woman up and face the failure head, heed the lesson and keep it moving. Easier said than done right? But when you realize failure is just a part of the process that we call life then it becomes easier.

What are you afraid of-

The second biggest thing I am afraid of is heights, ever since I was a kid, I remember one summer being on the rooftop of my cousin’s apartment building in the Bronx and looking over the edge. I almost ‘tek een’. It was a bit much. Another time we went down the fire escape, now that I think back on it I have no idea why we just couldn’t use the elevator or take the stairs like normal people. Since then I’ve always been afraid of heights, but I like to fly, I love being in planes 30,000+ feet in the air and looking down at the world below. It’s awesome. I’m scared of heights but willing to jump out of an airplane. I’m scared of heights but time and time again I challenge myself to face that fear head on. Granted I do. And I wonder what the hell possessed me to walk across a suspension bridge  that was almost taller than the Statue of Liberty. FEAR. That’s what made me do it and I will keep challenging myself until I’m not afraid anymore

What are you afraid of? You know I want to know! Drop it in the comments below!

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My Proudest Moment Blog Challenge- Day 5

I think in life we’ve all got a few moments that shine bright above others. When I have to think about one of my proudest moments I think of my final semester in graduate school where I was working on my thesis. My entire graduate program was intensive and had accelerated work  load, my semesters were only 8 weeks long. Upon entering grad school I knew it would end with me having to write a thesis paper, which seemed so daunting. I always had that thought in the back of my mind that I had to write one, what would I write about and how in God’s name would I do it? Semesters came and went drawing closer to me having to meet with an advisor, selecting a topic and having to submit an abstract. I could barely deal! When anyone asked me what I was thinking about doing, the most i could come up with is ‘something dealing with social media’. Yea, I know that’s seriously broad but it’s all I could think about and come up with.

My proudest moment

As the semesters passed I watched other friends go thru the thesis writing process. It went something like this.

Stage 1– Happy to not have to go to class every single day, freedom to express your thoughts

Stage 2– Research begins

Stage 3– Mini breakdown while researching and gathering data.

Stage 4– Sleepless nights begin as you write your abstract

Stage 5– Bags under eyes, you submit your abstract to your advisor. Who then rips it apart, interrogates you and tells you no this can’t work. So you have to start over

Stage 6– Go home and quietly cry over your laptop and ask God why he’s punishing you? Call friends and relatives complaining about your thesis project between dry heaves and wailing sobs. You do this while simultaneously posting on Facebook just how much stress thesis writing is causing you.

Stage 7– Touch bases with your friends who survived the thesis process and ask for their advice because clearly your advisor doesn’t know shit and is out to strip you of your sanity.

Stage 8– Your friends take you in and listen to you whine, cry and be overly emotional, they let you get it all out. Then they look you dead in the eye, and say ever so calmly, “You need to buckle down and get your shit together and get it done!” You look at them like ‘huh, what, who, what’s going on!?!’. They offer their insight and tips. They show you alternate research methods. They tell you to check out their theses and see if it sparks something for you. And then they set a deadline for you to come up with ideas.

Stage 9– After some serious deep thinking, you regroup and come back to them with a few ideas explaining to them your plan on fleshing it out. They pat you on the back and say GREAT, now turn your abstract in again! So you do.

Stage 10– You turn in your new abstract to your advisor and defend it with your life, but you’re kind of nonchalant about it because you feel like they’ll send you back to the drawing board again. They ask you tons of questions, you cooly provide them with tons of answers and then saunter out the room or log out of the e-learning portal.

Stage 11– Your abstract is approved and the real work begins! You tell your friends who are now basically your thesis support team. They say the real work begins now and tell you you’ve got to put your life on hold. You comply swiftly.

Stage 12– You disappear from social media and your social life takes a nosedive. You begin living in a world of research and data. Your bed and desk are piled high with books. You take turns in between reading, writing notes, jotting down outlines, typing said notes and sleeping. If you’ve really got a rhythm you carve in time to get some fresh air and clear your head. This becomes your life for the next few months. You’ve done the academic ghost. Everyone wonders what happened to you? They haven’t seen you. You haven’t tweeted in ages and don’t pop up in their newsfeed anymore. Your Thesis Support Team tells them, oh she’s writing her thesis. They all let out a big ‘Ohhhhhhhh’ and go on with their lives.

Stage 13– You’ve caught a groove to your writing, you check in periodically with your advisor, you take their feedback to heart and incorporate it into your writing. You start feeling good, like ‘I think I can actually do this.’ You begin to realize how smart you are. You re-read your edits and think ‘damn…I’m such an eloquent writer!’ You pat yourself on the back. Your Thesis Support Team checks in to make sure you’re keeping to schedule and haven’t cut your wrists (you’ve got to love them for that!) They remind you the end is near, the finish line is off in the distance but slowly, steadily approaching. You batten down the hatches and go beast mode for the last few weeks.

Stage 14– First draft is finished. You send it to a Thesis Support Team member for proofreading and suggestions. They say this is AWESOME! This is academic gold! They make minor changes, suggest a few other tweaks and then send it back to you.

Stage 15– You finish tweaking your ode to your graduate school career and re-read it at least 20 times. You get paranoid about spell checking and grammar, everything starts running together to you. You finallly write your acknowledgements and make sure to praise your Thesis Support Team. Then you print and bound that bad boy and submit it to your advisor or in my case I submitted online, while holding my breath and clutching pearls you’ve yet to own. There’s a sense of terror, delight, relief and fear permeating thru your entire being. And then you pass out from exhaustion.

Stage 16. You slowly step back out into real world, while waiting to hear back on your thesis. You reconnect with friends, you catch up on the latest gossip and social media fuckery and try to get back into the swing of a normal life. In the back of your mind you are a nervous wreck because you haven’t heard back from your advisor and begin to doubt yourself, did I misread the guidelines? Did I make mistakes? Did I not cite sources properly? OMG is my entire thesis garbage?!? You battle these thoughts in your head until you finally hear back from your advisor. And you await their final review and response with bated breath. You know for sure you’ve fucked this shit up and you are on the verge of another meltdown and the tears are trying to fight their way out, when your advisor says, ‘This was an amazing and well-thought out work and add more insight into your field of discussion! You should have it published! Congratulations on your A+ and best of luck in all you decide to pursue!’ You can’t believe it! The tears are gone and all you can do is scream in sheer excitement and relief. You call your Thesis warriors and they say ‘Girl’ I knew you could do i!’ You thank them again and you think to yourself WOW I Actually did it and for the first time in a very long time you’re super proud of yourself and think….”I can do anything!”

Now compound all those steps into an accelerated program whilst dealing with deep personal & emotional turmoil and you can see why without a doubt to date, completing my graduate thesis, New Media: Giving Voice to Minorities…all 110+ pages in 6 weeks has been my proudest accomplishment to date.

What about you? What is your proudest moment? You KNOW I want to know! Drop it in the comments and let’s celebrate our victories past and present together!

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 My Dream Job- Blog Challenge Day 4

Over the years I’ve had many jobs. Many, many jobs. I I’m the type of person who ALWAYS has a job. I worked throughout junior college and undergrad while holding down usually two jobs at a time. And I always did temp work for different events around Atlanta here and there. T.D.Jakes Megafest. Voting machine attendant during election years. Like I’ve said. I’ve had many jobs. Even after graduating and having a ‘real’ job I still had a supplemental part-time during the holiday months just because. I think I was addicted to work. In grad school I worked part-time as well and considered taking on yet another job but decided against it. Sometimes when you work so much you don’t get to enjoy life and I am a big believer in work/life balance.

Since I’ve had the good fortune to have worked almost everywhere it seems. I have clearer insight on the things I LIKE to do vs. the things I would do just because I’m getting paid to do it. I’ve come to terms that I HATE sales though I’m pretty decent at it. I don’t like that sleazy car salesman vibe. I always felt that that’s how I come across doing sales. Retail…I detest it but have done my fair share. Believe it or not I met some of the coolest people whilst doing retail, they share my disdain for customers who ask moronic questions and the managers who take their job just a bit too seriously, they are the Dwight Shrute of retail management. Office jobs come with their own set of issues but are cool nonetheless, most times, depending on the nature of the work you were hired to do.

My Dream Job

Over time my dream job has changed shape, when I was a little girl I wanted to be a computer ‘technologist’ and dancer. In high school I wanted to be the next Hype Williams and a history teacher. In junior college I still wanted to be Hype Williams. Undergrad was filled with dreams of me being a director/screenwriter. By sophmore year I got a PR internship at Universal Pictures and fell in love with Public Relations. I was convinced that I wanted to work in PR/Marketing in the fashion or entertainment industry or even do something communications based within the film industry. Maybe I could be a producer?!? I could be anything! After graduating life happened and like many other newly minted graduates I found a job not in my field, though I took on a few PR projects here and there I never fully pursued it again.  

A few months ago I posed the dream job question again to myself and wondered what it is my dream job is now. I decided that I wanted to make a comfortable living, working smarter not harder at something I was PASSIONATE about, that embodied all the things that I like to do and fully used my varied experience and skillset (does that not sound like an awesome objective to put on your resume?). I also wanted to be location independent and having the freedom and flexibility to travel as I saw fit. So what exactly is that then? Just last week I toyed with the idea of being a location scout but as quick as I had that thought, it was out of my head.  So what’s my dream job now? Well it’s still a work in progress, and that’s fine because it can be just that, anything I dream up and want it to be. I think it’s important to realize as we get older it’s okay for life plans to change and to decide the things that we used to want that they don’t suit us anymore.  I think my dream job has to be created and crafted just for me to wisely use all my talents and professional transferable skills. My experiences over the years has shown me what I don’t like, they’ve also shown me what I shine at and that’s imperative for finding my dream role.

What about you? What’s your dream job? Has it changed over the years?

I decided to take on this blogger challenge that I found while scouring the ‘inta nets.  This blog challenge is courtesy of the lifestyle blog, Live, Love, Simple. Join me on this bloggerific magic carpet ride!

My favorite quote

My Favorite Quote- Blog Challenge Day 3

I love quotes. Over the years I have bookmarked tons of quotes. But one for me has reigned supreme above all others.  I first heard it in my sophomore or junior year old high school during my V.I.History class. My teacher, Ms.Fernella Campbell would always go off on these tangents diverting from the lesson plan and scolding us about not living up to our full potential or making poor choices. She was always trying to drop life lessons on us, quoting long passages from the bible and verses from Shakespeare. One day in class, she went off on her usually rant about young people not doing what they should getting themselves in problems and then she said it’s best not to give into peer pressure and stay true to yourself. Then all of a sudden her voice bellowed throughout that drafty, dreary classroom in the 1000  wing as she said,  “To thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day,Thou canst not then be false to any man.” This made me perk up in my seat, ears twitching. ‘ say what now I asked her?’ she repeated it again and I wrote it down. And ever since that day way back when. It’s been my favourite quote.

How about you guys? Any quotes that you’ve loved over the years?

I decided to take on this blogger challenge that I found while scouring the ‘inta nets.  This blog challenge is courtesy of the lifestyle blog Live, Love, Simple. Join me on this bloggerific magic carpet ride!