Here is the part where I write something fresh, engaging and a bit on trend to catch your attention. But if you’re here that means we’re already friends, so let’s get down to it, shall we?

Picture it, it’s the 80’s in St.Croix, U.S Virgin Islands a spring born baby who would one day be known as A.Hiroko makes her debut into the world (if you caught the 2 television references you’ve now been upgraded to my online bestie). I’m a quintessential island girl, guardian of sunsets, professional food lover, traveler, writer, business owner, baby coder/web developer and style junkie.

I’ve been blessed to live, study, work and eat my way through four continents. A.Hiroko.com is a food & lifestyle blog inspired by my far from ordinary life. My blog is a mashup of exposing my West Indian/Caribbean culture and sensibilities with the world at large.

Current obsessions: floral prints and rompers. 

Things to remember about me:

  • I know no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark.
  • Constantly on a quest for the perfect fuschia lippie.
  • I love tacos.

So, new bestie, get comfortable and stay awhile! I love hearing from my friends and I’m always sashaying around ‘the Internets’. Show me love and let’s connect!

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