20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Me- Blog Challenge -Day 2

1.My favourite colour is black

2. I am an extroverted introvert basically I’m an ambivert

3.I love Marc Anthony

4. Jay-Z is my favourite rapper of all time.

5. History is my favourite subject

6. I’ve lived on four continents

7. I love travelling, not just going somewhere new but the process of researching, planning and getting there. Planes, trains, buses, automobiles I love it all.

8. I’m West Indian.

9. I’m really into horoscopes, though I take them with a grain of salt.  I think astrology is cool.

10. I’m a Aries/Taurus cusp sign but I identify with Taurus.

11. I’m an Apple geek.

12. I’ve always been into computers.

13. I took dance lessons for over ten years.

14. My natural hair journey is redux. This is my second time.

15. I’m not a big fan of crowds.

16. I’m a foodie.

17. I learned how to cook by watching my mom. I used to stand on a cracker pan in the kitchen to help her.

18. All my grandparents are deceased. I miss them every day, especially Pops.

19. I have 3 degrees.

20. I’ve been single for most of my adult life.


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